A couple reference

February 25

Not only does Annchristine have an amazing ability to, without any bias, find out and understand what the problems in a relationship are as well as pinpoint how both involved parties contribute their respective share of complicating the relationship. But she also is amazing when it comes to coaching, in a way where both parties – together with her – get the opportunity to find solutions for their problems. Those solutions always improve the relationship long term.

Even though we knew we were each other’s ‘soulmates’, somehow we could not break the behavioural patterns, which eventually would ruin our relationship. We chose to grab the bull by it’s horns and arranged for a 2,5 day coaching session by Annchristine. This has given us the insights and tools we needed! Now we continue on our own, on a path towards both discovering and managing the old habits and thought patterns that historically hurt the relationship. Today we are on a road of increased renewed love for each other.

When we were working on our relationship with Annchristine as our coach, we quickly realized that she was completely neutral. Her support made it possible to dissolve the problems we’d had before the session and she assisted us in knowing how to deal with future problems when and if they would occur.

Gunnar and Elisabeth

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