The storm

The storm

The truth will always prevail, even if at times it takes a heck of a long time!

Something good can always be gained

During the past two decades I and my colleagues at SVC was involuntary “dragged” into a completely made-up story about the company SVC and us as individuals. We can guarantee that all is fictitious from the beginning to the end. It has been eye opening to see how easy it is to get dragged into the “dirt” by media and others.

My colleagues started a company SVC, February 2004 and invited me to become a board member. The aim was to hold seminars and share common understandings, for instance that every human being is good deep inside, all have an equal value and every human being has something important to contribute with. The seminars in SelfLeadershipTM came to an halt as soon as the storm took off. Then, each one of us on the board continued to use the understandings that initially would have been taught in the seminars. We did it individually in day-to-day life by choosing to continue to focus on making choices that is in the best interest for the bigger picture, near and dear ones. Our experience is that these kind of choices in day-to-day life always will be the best for oneself too. One of several really positive effects of the storm is that my colleagues and I instead of holding seminars, choose to individually focus on other business ventures. One example is that it has led to the start-up of several Bygdebolag in the village, Vuollerim.

Another “gift” from the storm is that we have understood the importance of not choosing to judge others no matter what choices they make. Not judging, together with the knowing that everyone is good deep down, in turn has made it so much easier not to be dragged down by rumours and lies. That is to no longer allowing anyone to get power over oneself to feel bad, sorrow or angry over what they are choosing to do. That becomes the “death” of the blame-game.

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The media storm, started late March 2004 one month after SVC was founded! The storm has been one-sided, created by those who made up the fictive stories. By now the storm has calmed down. Also, the vast majority of the local residents have since the beginning known that the stories are completely false.

It might have been quite frustrating for those who no longer got the “usual” reactions, that we, the people who were their target didn’t react in the “old-type-of-way”, such as counter-attacking by accusing the accusers. None of us have participated in any pie-throwing-contests. Instead, the choice has been to rest assured in the knowledge that in the end, the truth will come through.

As for me, it is my choice to believe that despite what has happened, they are good people at heart and has much good to contribute with. Maybe one day we can meet, learn from each other and laugh at it all. And in a joint effort draw all the learnings including what a waste of time and how costly it is for oneself and more to attack others.

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