The storm

The storm

The truth will prevail .. always .. even if at times it takes a heck of a long time!


In the past decade, there have been a handful of people who’ve actively chosen to make up untrue stories about me, some of my friends and colleagues in a network and about several companies. We KNOW that all is fictitious from the beginning to the end.

It is very liberating not to judge them as individuals. By choosing not to judge any of them for who they are as people, I don’t allow them to get power over me to feel bad, sorrow or angry over what they are choosing to do. However, I do condemn their actions and the continuous spreading of untrue stories.

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It has been a one-sided storm, created by those who made up the stories. The vast majority of the local residents also know that their stories are untrue.

It might have been quite frustrating for them, that the people who were their target didn’t react in the “old-type-of-way”, such as counter-attacking by accusing the accusers. None have participated in any pie-throwing-contests. Instead, the choice has been to rest assured in the knowledge that in the end, the truth will come through.

As for me, it is my choice to believe that despite what has happened, they are good people at heart and with much good to contribute. Maybe one day we can meet, learn from each other and perhaps even in a joint effort draw all the learnings including what a waste of time and how costly it is for oneself to attack others.

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