Q&A about the storm

The storm

The truth will prevail .. always .. even if at times it takes a heck of a long time!

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Why have you been singled out as “the only leader”?

Well, this is one more example how weird the attacks are. The fact is that the personal leadership concept is building on not to follow anyone. Instead to choose to stand steady and true to oneself.

One reason for the attacks might be that someone want revenge, since I and several others from the village stood up for Ulf Westfal in 1997, when he was dismissed from his position at the museum “Vuollerim 6000”. Ulf had been the main part of creating the museum and we did everything we could to get him rehired without succeding.

Can someone be perfect?

–No! In my experience life is a journey in which one can choose to grow and learn from all the things and events that occur. Eventually one can reach a “firm foundation” which will bring harmony, happiness and satisfaction in day-to-day life. However the journey of life will continue with more opportunities to grow even further, and thank goodness for that. It would get pretty darn boring otherwise.

Please explain what Stiftelsen Verklighetens Center, SVC (Reality Center Foundation) is.

SVC is a business economy foundation that administers a concept for personal leadership.

How do you relate to SVC?

I was asked to join the board of directors when the company was founded and I accepted. I stepped down from my position and left SVC when the smear campaign grew, in hopes that the defamation of SVC would fade away and focus on me only. It did not work out that way! The resignation was in 2008. In summer of 2013 I was asked if I would be interested to be a member of the board again. I said yes to that.

What are your comments on the chapter about SVC as it appeared in a book?

In my opinion, you’d have to search long and hard in order to find something stranger. I have read this chapter in the book and found that the chapter is so full of nonsense, untruths, distortions and fantasies that it’s not worth one comment.

What are your feelings regarding the author of the book?

I choose to remind myself that deep down inside he is a good person. Thereafter it is my choice not to allow him, or anyone else, to manipulate me or to let him suck me into his illusion games. In my opinion, it is his choice to abuse his profession (position) by fabricating stories, lying and misrepresenting facts. I don’t judge him, but I do wholeheartedly condemn his fabrications. Presumably, he has endured a lot of ridicule himself due to his position as chair of a controversial organization in Sweden. All I can do is speculate here, but possibly he gets some sort of kick out of trying to make others look suspect.

How would you have felt if this had happened 20 years ago?

Most likely I would have thought that my life had been ruined. How others perceived me then was something that concerned me a lot. It was easier to handle now. Today I know that I am a good person and that I am driven solely by good intentions. And the fact that I know I have nothing to hide also helps.

What is it that rouses your motivation at present time?

  • When I can be of assistance to others is very meaningful, however small it is.
  • To listen to and take in what other people have experienced and learned from life.
  • I like to find ways to assist in lightening burdens for others.
  • Also I want to be a part of finding a way to stop this type of abuse of power which the media, journalists and others have chosen to engage in.

Is it correct that you want to be in the limelight?

–No, over the past decade I have done everything that I can to stay out of the limelight. One rare exception was when Lions had an anniversary where they were going to present a project. I was invited to participate and I accepted.

What was your childhood like?

I had a wonderful, carefree childhood. It was like growing up embraced by enormous, warm, fuzzy love and safe vibes.

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