Everyone is connected

Norrsken Kyrkvagen 2011It’s winter, lots of snow, dark and cold but yet it is warm, my entire being is warm as I lie in the snow, taking in the feeling of being one with everything and everyone! My heart is open, I’m attentive, it is beautiful.

The Northern Lights are singing the unique “songs” and dance a majestically dance before my eyes!

I am completely still on my back in the snow, watching, taking in, enjoying the dance above me. I feel so much a part of everything. I can feel that my entire being IS one with it all. It is an unbelievable feeling. Then the Northern Lights pause in the dance and silence follows. The Northern Lights are still. It feels as if everything and everyone is holding it’s breath, including me. The SILENCE is powerful. Then I take a deep breath and whistle ‘voui’.

To my surprise the Northern Lights seem to react immediately and the dance starts again. I hold my breath again. It must have been a coincidence I think. Holding my breath I wait, watching the beautiful dance. Suddenly it pauses again and I once more whistle ‘vouiiiii’!

And the Northern Lights start to dance again.

I always “knew” that everything and everyone is connected, but I had never experienced it as strong as that evening in the snow.

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