One early learning

Nunjes 9 kilometres from Kvikkjokk

Panting, puffing and moaning I dropped my backpack to the ground close to the house in Nunjes. It was there and then that the enormity of the venture hit me hard. Huh?! I have only hiked for 6 miles? Oh!!! HELP!!! I was completely wasted and exhausted. At that time I could not see that it was possible to manage the additional remaining 88 miles. The straps of my backpack had been digging in to my shoulders. My back was killing me and my legs felt as if they could not take one more step. I thought – This is impossible. There is no way that I can finish this.

Pärlälven - liten bildThe thoughts were going on inside of me as I was huffing and puffing to get my breath back. Then it dawned on me. There is no way back – I MUST finish. I remembered that “everyone” in the village knew of my plan to walk all the way over the mountains from Kvikkjokk to Vaisaluokta. I realized that there was no way for me to come home to the village without having completed the task I had been telling everyone about. I would not be coming home as a quitter, that was not an option.

I got to learn there and then the valuable lesson, that when I think I do not have anything more to give, I have only tapped in to a small portion and that there is SO much more.

Lesson learned:
– When thinking that I have nothing more to give I have at least 80 % left.

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