Extract from a letter

From a friend

“A few months after our first meeting, I participated in a two-day-seminar held by Annchristine in Vuollerim. The insights I derived there were crucial to me. On day one of the seminar, I stepped in as a woman who thought she had “sick-listed suicidal loser” stamped on her forehead and who was filled with feelings of shame. Walking out on day two though, I had come to recognize and been able to deflate the illusions that had been so real to me. It allowed me to regard myself in a different light and also to have a new perspective on life in general. The keynote Annchristine had passed on, really hit home – I have my own choice in every moment! It is only up to me, myself and I how I choose to react to whatever is going on in my life. It is up to me to decide whether to get sucked into downward spiraling thoughts for days on end, or instead to decide to open up my eyes for my true self.

It was of great importance to gain awareness of having my own choices, but it was a long journey before I truly savored it. Most part of my life I had spent blaming others for the way I felt and for the way my life had shaped itself. It was a thinking pattern that had become very strong and rooted, which allowed me to blame my environment instead of taking on the responsibility for my own actions. Step by step I have mastered to appreciate the true benefit – to really empower my own choice-making on a day-to-day basis. Nowadays I know that it is the choices that I make myself that make all the difference in how I experience my life.

It is such a relief to be able to say that, thanks to Annchristine I now know what to do, so that I will not “fall into” depressions again. That is a true feeling of liberty! Adding to that – thanks to various tips Annchristine gave me, I have been able to access a pool of talents and abilities within myself. Historically I kind of knew that the gifts were there, but could not access them.”


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