My background

Sundsnäs köket - liten bildI grew up in Vuollerim, a small village close to the Arctic Circle in Lapland Sweden. The same is true for my parents Valdemar and Helga as well as for my mother’s father Fabian Nilsson and my father’s father Frans Oskar (FO) Lundström. My mother’s mother Ida Karolina Karlsson came from the village Salberg and my father’s mother Julia Christina Wikström came from Unbyn.

I have noticed that some people seem to think that they are superior just because they have been living in a certain community for a very long time. Personally I am convinced that anyone can feel just as deeply rooted in a place after living there less than a year, when the people around them regard them without any feeling of superiority.

Just think how cool it would be to welcome new residents with a welcome basket including a diploma stating something like this: “We who live here in Vuollerim consider your roots as deep as ours. Welcome home!”

I moved away from the village as a young adult to try my wings on my own and have lived in both northern and southern Sweden, as well as abroad.

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