Youngest child of four

Yngst av fyra - liten bildMy brother Kurt was 11, my brother Ove was 13 and my big sister Gunvor was 16 that day of February 10th, when I was born.

Looking back, I have understood that my father Valdemar was extremely occupied with his business and therefor had been unable to spend as much time as he would have liked with my siblings, his three eldest children.

In my eyes our father was the perfect father. I got to spend a lot of time with him. He took me with him to work meetings, long before it was time for me to start school. Whenever I was with him, he made me feel seen and heard. And before we went into a meeting he would brief me by clarifying what the meeting was going to be all about as well as what he thought would be a great outcome of the meeting for everyone. He suggested that I’d be observant at the meeting and that I should let him know afterwards if there was something that I thought could have been done differently. I took it seriously and he always listened to my input and made me feel seen and heard.

My mom was working from home. Most of the time she was busy creating different things. Yet she put everything aside when I got home from school. She was there with a hug, milk and cookies or a sandwich. Then I was free to run out and play with my friends in the village. Freedom, no worries and LOVE was what filled my early days. Looking back at my childhood, I can safely say that I learned there and then what true happiness was all about. Today I know that my early childhood memories of happiness became the driving force for me to seek that happiness in my adult life.

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